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We are  an experienced team of models, photographers, videographers, executives and fashion professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality product and creative environment. This collaborative effort was the brainchild of our founder, a supermodel who had the unique opportunity to work in the world of international fashion for the past 6 years, and continues to walk runways all over the world. The team she assembled is a reflection of the very best creatives in existence on the scene today, as well as the future talent of tomorrow

Shadow on Concrete Wall


What we do is exactly what we've always done, except in a bespoke model for individuals, brands, companies, venues, and hotels. In addition to hosting upcoming high end photography getaways, our team in an in house production studio that shoots, edits and produces all forms of promotional media from commercial campaigns to viral digital media productions. Our contacts in the industry we've developed over a career is what makes us work, and allow us access to places others simply aren't able to go.

What weDo
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